Hemo Charge™

What is Hemo Charge™?

Hemo Charge™ was developed and scientifically formulated by the team at Biotech Animal Health as an equine 'super-blend' supplement that supports racehorses during periods of intense training and racing. In recent years it has been gaining worldwide recognition as one of the most beneficial and best scientifically designed formulas that can safely and effectively stimulate and increase hemoglobin levels in racing horses.

Our researchers have found that by effectively increasing the quality, size and concentration of peripheral red blood cells, Hemo Charge™ is able to increase the oxygen carrying capacity of those red blood cells, thus improving the overall fitness and performance of your racehorse whilst improving their cardiovascular health.

Hemo Charge™ will enhance the overall well-being and immunocompetence of your racehorse by producing a normal immune response following any exposure to toxins, infection or foreign substance that may be affecting their racing performances. 

With the added benefit of chelating trace minerals you also have an effective energy-boosting, stamina-enhancing and cardiovascular-building nutrient that will help your racehorse achieve long-term good health and racing success. 


What are the benefits you will find using 
Hemo Charge™?

1. Increases RBC's for Better Oxygen Utilization

2. Improves Muscle Recovery After a Race

3. Enhances Performance and Endurance

4. Supports Cardiovascular Function

5. Reduces Lactic Acid Build Up

6. Enhances the Immune Response 


Why Use Hemo Charge™?

By supplementing your race horse with Hemo Charge™ you will be safely and effectively increasing their levels of performance using a world class brand.

Hemo Charge™ contains proven immuno-stimulant and anti-inflammatory ingredients that have been scientifically developed, trialled and researched through the analysis of current racehorses and greyhound racing dogs.

During our research we also tested the purity, strength and conformity of Hemo Charge™ to all codes of racing worldwide to safeguard and ensure that no banned-substances are present in any of the formulas we develop.

Our cGMP certification ensures the quality, safety and efficacy of our entire Hemo Charge™ range.

When will I start seeing the results of Hemo Charge™?

You will start to see the positive effects and results of using Hemo Charge™ between the 14 and 28 day mark feeding 1 scoop daily in your horses feed. Alternately you can also use Hemo Charge™ mixed in with molasses and/or water feeding 1 scoop daily using an oral drench.

For performance and working dogs this time period remains the same when using one ½  scoop daily mixed in with your dogs feed

It is recommended horses and dogs should have a 1 week break from using Hemo Charge™ after every 3 months of consistent use.  

Container size:

Hemo Charge™ comes in a convenient 9.5oz (270g) jar;

There are 45 servings per jar which would be equivalent to a 45 day maintenance supply when using 1 scoop (6g) per day for a horse.

During the first 2 weeks of using Hemo Charge™ you can use 2 scoops per day - morning and afternoon - along with a top up of 2 scoops prior to racing.


The Hemo Charge™ Guarantee:


The Key Ingredients in Hemo Charge™:



The Importance Of Mineral Balance In Your Horse's Diet

Iron, Copper, Zinc and Manganese play an important role in a wide range of biochemical systems which affect virtually every metabolic function in your horse's system. 

Minerals generally are divided into two categories: macrominerals, which are needed in larger quantities in a daily diet, and microminerals, (or trace minerals) that are needed in smaller amounts (often expressed as parts per million, or ppm–or mg/kg). Hemo Charge™ has improved the absorption of these trace minerals by “chelating” them. The process of Chelating trace minerals serves to bond these minerals to two or more amino acids to form stable biochemical ring compounds that can be metabolized as much as 300-500% more effectively.


d-Ribose is a popular dietary supplement for humans and equines because of its crucial role in cellular bioenergetics. A study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition studying 2-year-old healthy thoroughbred racehorses at the Berkley Farm in Darlington, Maryland, showed that long-term ingestion of d-Ribose supplementation protected the horses from cramping while enhancing muscle recovery at the same time.


Clinically proven to increase the size and concentration of peripheral red blood cells, as well as the concentration of hemoglobin and packed cell volume. Echinacea Angustifolia also improves the quality of the blood by increasing haemoglobin levels that transport oxygen to the cells of the body.


DL - Methionine is an essential Amino Acid and is one of the building blocks of protein. Methionine is the precursor to the amino acids cysteine and cystine which along with methionine are involved in synthesising a number of very important compounds such as coenzyme A (essential for fatty acid synthesis), heparin, lipoid acid and glutathione.


New Discoveries About This Remarkable Nutrient

Dr. John Lawson at Clemson University continued the work started by Dr. Graber about how DMG would modulate or affect the immune system. It was found  Dimethylglycine (DMG) was an effective energy-boosting, stamina-enhancing and cardiovascular-building nutrient. 

DMG has been used successfully in the animal field for over 30 years. One of the first areas to be evaluated was in equine and canine track performance where DMG was found to enhance endurance, reduce muscle fatigue and decrease recovery time. These benefits are primarily due to DMG’s ability to decrease lactic acid and improve oxygen utilization at the cellular level.

B Group Vitamins

Hemo Charge™ provides a concentrated source of B Group Vitamins that are essential to support muscle recovery as well as the nutrients required for red blood cell production. 

Many trainers believe that iron is the only nutrient required for blood cell production, however a deficiency in any of the other minerals and vitamins mentioned above can reduce a horses RBC count and hemoglobin formation regardless of how much iron is available.




Dandelion is an excellent detoxifying herb that balances the metabolism and acts as a natural diuretic. High in Iron, Calcium, Copper and Magnesium as well as Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and D it is an excellent source of nutrition for horses.


L-Lysine is an essential protein building block (amino acid) that fulfils a number of functions in the horses body. Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C (essential ingredients of Hemo Charge™) are co-factors for the absorption and intracellular action of L-Lysine, which enable the L-Lysine to be better utilised by the body. Lysine is essential for building, maintaining and supporting the development of a horses topline and muscle mass and assists with supporting stamina and boosting the immune system. 


Hemo Charge™ contains a natural palatable molasses flavor that your Racehorse will love! 


With our 60 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee.





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